Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quiznos Coupon - It's Back . . . But Will Go Fast.

Update: This coupon is back, but last time it went very fast, so print it while you can. And it's gone again.

Quiznos has a new coupon out that you might like.

I like to clip/print restaurant coupons and keep them in a file in the car. That way when we are out and just can't get back home, we can still "save" money - sort of.   : )

Now if I were just better organized, I'd always keep food to snack on in the car, just in case lunch time rolled around while we were out. (While my kids will patiently wait for food, there is a limit to the waiting.)

Still . . . a couple of restaurant coupons is always a good thing to have . . . just in case something unexpected comes up.

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