Friday, August 27, 2010

UPromise and Rite Aid

I found this very exciting . . . (don't laugh)  But as of right now, Rite Aid is a UPromise affiliate! That means that every time we shop at Rite Aid (and buy participating products), companies will give us money for our children's education!! Yeah, more FREE stuff - money. Granted, I understand that this will not be a lot of money, but it's something. And you and I are going to be shopping at RA anyway . . . we might as well just get the extra $0.02 for our trouble. (So, the reason I'm excited. . . I make money at RA every week and now I'm going to make even more - for my kids future education!)

Also, don't forget that UPromise has what they call e-coupons. On the first of every month they release a new set of e-coupons. You must go into UPromise and activate them to your account. Then when you buy one of those products - at a UPromise affiliate store (Rite Aid, CVS, Giant Eagle, etc.) - the manufactures will deposit the amount of the e-coupon into your UPromise account.

Remember that if you don't have kids yet, you just put yourself as the recipient of the money. The money can be redistributed later. Or, if your kids are all grown up, ask your kids to set up a UPromise account for your grandkids. Then ask them to send you and invitation and you will be able to allocate your UPromise rewards to your grandkids.

UPromise is FREE, so sign up. Enter in your Rite Aid Wellness+ card number, your CVS ExtraCare card number, and your local grocery store card number (if you have one). Activate all your e-coupons. Then go shop for FREE at Rite Aid or CVS and let the manufactures pay you for "buying" their products!!   : )

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