Friday, August 27, 2010

End of the Month - Print Coupons

     This has been a busy month for us. Isaiah (my eldest) turned 4 and we took our very first "just for fun" family vacation . . . with kids. (I was not under any delusional notion that this was going to be a real vacation for me, more like just a change from the normal routine . . . with extra work tacked on to get everyone back into their routine when the trip was over. He, he.) We did get to see some of my family - which was wonderful - and got to do some fun things with the kids. Debbie was also vacationing with her family part of the month, so we played tag with posting responsibilities. (Debbie is back on vacation at the moment.)
     My garden is producing many, many tomatoes (did I mention that I have 30 tomato plants). This is one of the ways that I can help my family save money on fresh produce. I am also able to can/freeze things so that we'll have them all winter long. The okra, green beans, and eggplant are also at the top of their game right now. I'm getting ready to put in lettuce (the radishes are already in) for a fall crop.
     But just in case it sounds like I am superwoman and have everything under control . . . I don't. The grass outside is deep. . . let's just say that it is much longer than that of the neighbors.  : )  Our lawn mower is giving us lots of trouble this year. Every time my husband goes out to mow the lawn, he'll get around a portion of the lawn a couple of times (we have over an acres to mow) and then he'll have to stop and fix something on it. He hasn't been able to get the whole lawn mowed at once all summer. Earlier this month, I was supposed to use the push mower to try to mow the little portion of our lawn, where the kids play, but just haven't gotten to it yet. (It was too hot to play much outside and then we went on vacation.) And my wonderful garden that I keep mentioning . . . is full of grass at the moment. I was keeping it weed free - until we had the flea infestation (don't ask me how we got fleas in the house . . . I don't know . . . we have NEVER had that problem ever, ever before) in the carpet of our house. I spent all my time trying to keep my kids flea bite free and off the carpet (I carried - yes, all three of them - everywhere); then I spent the rest of my time trying to get rid of the fleas (we tried salt, borax, vacuuming - like every single day, the whole house, and Raid spray). Everything reduced their numbers, but none did the trick once and for all. Although Raid came pretty close. We still find a flea here and there (like once or twice a week) in some corner of the house and we pull out that bottle of Raid. . . BUT WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!

The end of the month means it's time to print any coupons you may want . . .

  • Coupon sites will reset their coupons with the beginning of the month. Many will be pulled down and new ones will take their place. Check out, and to view the current coupons and print out any you want before it's too late. 

  • If you haven't finished watching the Rite Aid videos for August, you only have until midnight of the 28th to do so (that's this Saturday!). Remember that these coupons do not expire until Sept 25th, so you still have time to use them, but after the 28th you will no longer be able to earn the August coupons. And per Rite Aid's coupon policy, Rite Aid coupons can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons for even greater savings. Simply log onto RiteAidVideoValues to earn your coupons. (NOTE: You do not have to print the August VV coupons. As long as you have watched the videos, they will not disappear. I do not print out my VV coupons until I am going to use them so as to avoid wasting paper and ink.)

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