Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Biggest Tomato I've Ever Grown

One of the ways that I help make ends meet is by planting vegetables each year. This year my Gold Medal tomatoes produced a giant of a thing.  : )  And it was good too! (This was just the first tomato to ripen. The vines are loaded with more . . .  Which is good, because I'm out of spaghetti sauce.)
Gold Medal Heirloom Tomato

I had to find something to help show how big the thing actually was. It was about as high as 1 coke can and as wide as 2!

Other produce picked from my garden this past Tuesday. Yes, I like the unusual varieties . . . Heirloom Purple Podded Pole Beans and Black Beauty Zucchini.

Josiah sampling tomato strips. (To tell you the truth, I think he was disappointed. They looked a little too much like french fries in size, shape, and color.)

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