Friday, March 12, 2010

This Week's Noteworthy FREEBIES 3/12/10

**Make sure that you use your junk email account when you sign up for these offers. (If you don't have a junk email; sign up for one.)**
**Remember that many times coupons for the product are sent out with the samples. This is another great reason for requesting samples.**
  1. FruitFlowers Join the Fruit Flowers Fanatics Club and they'll send you a FREE half dozen chocolate dipped strawberries on your birthday (you must provide them with your birthday). You'll also get a coupon for a free smile mug (not sure what this is). Thanks to TheFreebieBlogger.
  2. StainHotline Get a FREE sample of Ink-B-Gone.  Thanks to DealSeekingMom.
  3. RightAtHome Request a FREE spring cleaning gift pack right away. This offer is limited to the first 10,000. The cleaning pack contains Ziploc, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Pledge.


  1. Hey Erin, I think the links are messed up. The 1st one brought me to purex, 2nd to ideal sweetener & 3rd to an alice in wonderland page. Just wanted to give you a heads up

  2. Thank you. Yes, they are messed up. I don't have time to fix this tonight. I'll pull down this post tomorrow, fix the links, and repost it.

    Thanks again.