Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fresh Produce: July 21-26

Because of all the "stuff" that has gone on with my family this year . . . my garden is pitiful.  : )  So, I decided to try price matching at WALMART!  I went yesterday morning with my spreadsheet and my ads (I made a spread sheet for last week that I didn't post). It worked like a charm. Sometimes Walmart prices were cheaper than any of the grocery stores and sometimes they weren't. I loved feeling like I was getting the best possible deal.  : )  All I did was walk up to the cashier with my spreadsheet and ads in hand. I told the cashier that I wanted to price match the fresh produce. I put each ad (that I was going to use) on the belt and placed the produce that was in that ad on top of it. This made the price matching super easy as I didn't have to sort through a pile of ads for each new item.

I put together a spreadsheet listing all the fresh produce in the ads this week, as well as all the ads that I have access too (Giant Eagle, Shop 'n Save, Aldi, Foodland, Khun's, Save a Lot, and BiLo). I've listed out all the prices for the produce so that you can easily see which store has that item advertised and where it is the cheapest. You can then either shop the store(s) of your choice or you can take your whole stack of ads to Walmart and have them price match the lowest advertised prices for all the items (which is what I did). Just make sure that if you go to Walmart, you keep your eyes open as sometimes the Walmart price is better than any of the advertised prices.

Produce Picks July 21-27

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