Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shop 'n Save: Cranberry Twp. Sale Thurs. and Fri. (9/29/11-9/30/11)

Check out the sale going on at Shop 'n Save in Cranberry Township on Thursday and Friday (29th/30th)!

Bananas 33 cents a pound

Pumpkins 2.88 each

Hillandale grade A large eggs 98 cents per dozen

United Dairy 100% OJ 2.88/gallon

Assorted Wise snacks potato chips, kettle chips, wise popcorn or cheese doodles 8-10oz bag three bags for $4

Fresh boneless chicken breast 1.47 a pound

Fresh family pack boneless strip steaks 5.77 a pound

Family Pack 85% lean ground round 2.27 a pound

Fieldgate Farms IQF 5 lb bag chicken wings 1.33 a pound

Fresh double crusted storemade chicken pot pie 1.97 each

Fresh 10" pumpkin pie 3.88 each

Fresh bagels 3 for $1

3 count bakery fresh red velvet or lemon junior cake rolls 1.44 each

Assorted varieties 4 count gourmet muffins 2.88 each

Biscotti brothers 14 oz chocolate hazelnut or almond biscotti odds and ends 2.88 each

1 liter bottle violi sunflower blend and extra virgin olive oil 3.44 each

Assorted 24oz del grosso spaghetti sauce 97 cents each

5.75oz delallo jar stuffed manzanilla olives 87 cents each

Gia Russa 24 oz bread crumbs (plain or seasoned) 97 cents each

Assorted Colonial Mix egg noodles 87 cents each

14oz gia russa chikcen or beef broth B1G2

Tote Apples (red delicious, ginger gold or MacIntosh or gala) 77cents a pound

Fresh del Monte Gold Pineapple 1.88 each

Fresh jumbo red peppers 97 cents a pound

Sweet Red or Bartlett Pears 88 cents a pound

Fresh Express 12oz each Garden Salad 88 cents each

1lb short cut carrots 88 cents a bag

6oz caps or sliced portabella mushrooms 1.88 each

Fresh Sweet Yams 77 cents a pound

Fresh 8 oz Whole Mushrooms 88 cents each

Seedless Cucumbers 88 cents each

Fresh Crisp Celery 88 cents each

Mayan Sweet Red or White Onions 77 cents a pound

Fresh Gourmet 3 pack Romaine Lettuce 1.44 each

Fresh Floral 7 stem fall pomp bouquet 2.77 each

Fresh Sara Lee 20 oz Iron Kids White Bread or 24oz Giant White Bread 88 cents each

Select Varieties 13-15.25 oz Chips Ahoy! Cookies (original, chunky or chewy) 1.88 each

Kelloggs Bonus Size Cereal - $1.88 each
20.5oz frosted flakes
15oz corn pops
14.7 apple jacks
14.7 oz fruit loops

Assorted varities 9-10oz Tom Sturgis Pretzals 88 cents each

24 ct Wise variety pack 3.98 each

Gallon Austin's A-1 bleach 10/$10

15 roll Bounty basic paper towels 8.88 each

Quilted Northern ultra plush 18 double roll bath tissue 8.88 each

22lb bonus bag purina 19.6 lb 9.88 each
dog chow
puppy chow

Assorted 5.5oz cans Friskies cat food

25 lb bag Tidy Cat cat litter 4/$10

Gallon Austin's 101 liquid laundry detergent 4/$10

land o lakes american cheese
hot pepper cheese
provolone cheese
colby or colby jack cheese
swiss cheese
turkey breast
baked ham
hard salami
sandwich pepperoni
corned beef
roast beef
hot ham capicola
braunschweiger (sold by the piece)
fresh natural casing hot dogs

Deluxe Italian Hoagies 3/$10

Fresh Deli 12"cheese pizzas 3/$10

Fresh Delallo White or Yellow Cheddar Cheese $2.98/lb

Sabra assorted hummus b1g1

Kangaroo assorted 9oz pita chips b1 g1

Fresh whole boneless pork loin 1.97/lb

Fresh tyson boneless chikcen tenders 1.47 lb

Filet mignon 8.77/lb

Fresh boneless pork 1.88/lb
sirloin chops
sirloin roast
family pack country spare ribs

3lb bag Greenpeak IQF boneless chikcen breast 4/$18.88

Salmon fillets 5.88/lb

5-6oz fresh water lobster tails 6.88 each

Fresh usda choice beef boneless rump roast 2.97 a pound

Fresh whole pork tenderloin 3.77/lb

Assorted Oscar Meyer lunchables 10/$10

Assorted varitieties 6oz sizzle and serve sausages 10/$10

16/20 count USA raw gulf shrimp

1lb bag wholey tilapia fillets

Fresh 1lb can lump crabmeat 8.77/lb

Fresh crab cakes 10/$10

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Dan for typing this all up for us!!!

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